Artist, Designer, Illustrator and Educator. Until the end of the first decade of the new century I had spent half of my working life in the advertising world and the other half in art and design education. Some times I wonder if I haven’t spent all of my life in both areas, however the common thread has been art in some form or other.

Life Drawing - Julian Ashton School of Art, Circular Quay, Sydney 1970

From an arts perspective, my only formal art training was at the Julian Ashton School of Art at Circular Quay on Sydney Harbour. They were night classes and most of that time was spent in the life drawing room after an obligatory period of study from the antique. Everything else was self-taught.

I began exhibiting in the early 1970s and have exhibited at random over the years since in galleries, awards and competitions here and there. Painting and Drawing persist in my life.